HygroCotton, Cotton That Keeps Up

Small everyday wins

Our patented HYGROCOTTON® process makes sheets more breathable and softer wash after wash, helping you sleep cool and comfortable. Start every day with a small win.

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    Our unique 100% cotton
    hollow core yarn lets air
    in to wick away moisture.

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    Keeps you cool in summer
    and warm in winter.

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    Better over time

    They become softer and more
    comfortable wash after wash.

How HygroCotton® works

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HygroCotton® is crafted with our proprietary spinning technology, producing yarn with a revolutionary hollow core. That means our sheets wick away moisture, keep you cooler in summer and warmer in winter, and actually get softer and more comfortable over time.

It’s another groundbreaking innovation in comfort from Welspun.

HygroCotton Sequenced Sleep System

Revolutionizing Sleep

Regulates temperature for individual comfort

In addition to bringing groundbreaking performance to sheets and towels, HygroCotton® unique hollow core yarn is now revolutionizing sleep.

The new HygroCotton® Sequenced Sleep System is an extraordinary collection of mattress pads, sheets, comforters, blankets, and pillows—all of which regulate temperature to keep you cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Our sleep system helps you start every day with a small win.

HYGROCOTTON® is a licensed trademark, U.S. Reg. No. 2,983,694, and a licensed patent, U.S. Pat. No. 8,733,075 of Welspun